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Agent Smith Community

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"A Smith like Never Before"
An Article about
Agent Smith in
The Matrix Revolutions


“Mr. Anderson. Welcome back. We missed you.”

Those three lines will probably be one of the most remembered lines in movie history, thanks to Agent Smith of The Matrix Revolutions.

Yes…I LOVE Smith, and I LOVED his role in Revolutions!!!

Contrary to his appearance in Reloaded, Smith’s role in Revolutions was actually very essential to the progress of the plot. After all, he was the only thing that stood in the way of Neo’s quest to save humanity.

If Neo defeats him, humanity is saved. But if Neo fails, then all will end.

Right from the moment you first see Smith in the movie, you could already FEEL his presence emanating from his every movement, every word, every exaggerated tone and facial expression. His character just had SO MUCH EMOTION!!!

In the scene where he was chasing after Sati and Seraph, you could almost feel their fear. That was how strong his presence was. Even if we all know that Smith isn’t a maniacal killer or a scary monster, the fear was still there. Why? Because he’s Smith, and as Smith, he’d do anything to get what he wants.

But man, I LOVED the part where he first came face to face with the Oracle in her apartment. That was definitely one of those moments were you can see Smith’s desires and emotions running loose. Aaaah…How I loved it when he knocked the plate off the table. You can just feel the anger there --- the desire --- the hate --- the SMITH!!! Damn! I’m getting turned on. LOL. JK ^_^!

Yes…Our beloved Smith, had become INSANE! Compared to his The Matrix counterpart, the Revolutions Smith seemed more “maniacal” and out of control. In fact, I was waiting for him to do the “mad scientist laugh”…..Oh wait, he already did that right after he cloned into the Oracle. Oh well…

I also loved his lines during the super brawl. It was interesting seeing Smith, a PROGRAM, expressing his hate, his thoughts, his emotions, in a way that was so human and real, that you could almost feel him breathing down your neck. Heheh…to be honest, he looked and sounded MORE HUMAN than Neo, and I kid you not!!!

But one thing that made Smith stand out in Revolutions was the part where he actually showed DOUBT, CONFUSION and FEAR!!! Yes!!! Near the end of Revolutions, Smith actually showed FEAR!!!

No thanks to the Oracle’s eyesight that he couldn’t understand, he actually didn’t know what to do next when he was about to finish off Neo. He also ended up fearing him, even asking him to “Stay away!”. Gawd, I swear I pitied Smith in that scene. He’d never looked that lost and alone before =( (poor guy!). And just imagine this --- just the thought of Smith fearing Neo can make you go “Wtf is going on?!” That was definitely the Smith I’ve never seen before. A Smith that showed human fear and dilemma. A Smith that had lost his path right when he was almost at the end of it. A Smith who wanted “it” to be over already. To quote one of his final lines: “Is it over?”

It actually makes you wonder about something. Was it just the Oracle who was talking through him? Or did a part of him start to doubt his true purpose? I guess we’ll never know……..

~ cmdr. gabe e. ~