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Merchandise Review and Pictures:
1/6 scale Pre-painted Soft Vinyl Figure

Manufactured by : Kotobukiya (Japanese company)
Release date : 2003
Height : approx. 12"
No. of Accessories: n/a

Face sculpt : 4/5

The face!!! :D I'm glad to say that they did a very good job with it :). The forehead is a little bit too big, but the face still looks like smith :) (the face sculpt is definately better than the first smith toy released by n2toys). I also noticed that the face's proportion is more on the anime/animation side.

Body sculpt : 5/5

GREAT BODY SCULPT!!! I'd give this a 6 if i could :D!!!! Great proportion and realistic details on his clothes. Check out the folds and buttons on his suit and pants, and you'll know what i mean :)! Like the face sculpt, the body sculpt's proportion is quite "animated"/manga-looking --- slender body, long legs, and such. But i guess that just exemplifies his features even more :). I also like the pose they sculpted him in ;) --- on assault mode, and ready to use his gun anytime ;)!

Paint : 5/5

Painting is very good and solid :). The colors are where they should be, and are very precise. I also like how they used different kinds of "blacks" on his suit, shoes and buttons :)! The different blacks made the buttons stand out from the suit, making the black suit less boring :D! The highlights on his skin are pretty good too. And the skin color itself is realistic looking :).

Overall score: 5/5

Yeap! We have a real gem here, folks :D! All worth the $86 i paid for it :D!!! Gawd, I can't stop looking at it!!! And yeah --- I can't stop touching it too ^_~! lol. I also like how solid and sturdy it feels :D (though I don't recommend you throwing it around, as you try to recreate the Burly Brawl :P). Though animated-looking, it still looks pretty realistic. I actually had a feastday when I took the pics you see above ;)! This is definately SMITH!!! I can't wait to see something top this in the future ^_^!

--- end ---