Hi! This is Cmdr. Gabe E. frequency 140.90 on the codec, and welcome to my site dedicated to MY FAVORITEST Metal Gear/Solid character...COLONEL ROY CAMPBELL!!! Yeah yeah i know...he's not as KEWL or as 'heroic' or as in-action as Snake (maybe that's what YOU think...), but hey, maybe there's more to the Man Behind the Codec than meets the eye ;). (gawd, i LOVE that Campbell!!!)


January 12, 2007

Is THAT what you think IT is? A 12" Roy Campbell Action Figure? *GASP*
Click on the image to view what it's really all about :D!
PS: I still don't have a PSP! So MGS Portable Ops will have to wait :(

June 07, 2006

Thanks to AquaSnake and Mary for telling me about this ^o^!
Note: I had to edit the wallpaper to turn it into a 1200x800 wallpaper for my laptop :)!

May 25, 2006

IT'S TRUE! Check out the pics below 8D!

Does he look good or whaaaat?! :D
And guess what...

Meryl's gonna be there too :D!
Now this is going to be one heckuva family reunion ;)!

January 28, 2006

Added new COSPLAY PICTURES and FANART. Thanks to Daniel VanRoach, Axel Alloy, and JemRockerJ for contributing :D!!!

Metal Gear Solid 4: The Guns of the Patriots, is coming your way!
Posted by: Cmdr. Gabe E.
Date: 2005-09-19 / 10:17:39 +0800

*freaks out*

One year after the release of the critically acclaimed game, MGS3: Snake Eater, Konami has finally revealed screenshots for the sequel --- Metal Gear Solid 4: The Guns of the Patriots!

Yeap, that's right --- Solid Snake is BACK and damn, he's looking pretty "aged". Well, the game is set 10 years after MGS2. And it seems that the rest of the gang is gonna be back for the ride. Expect Otacon, Meryl, Vamp and *GASP* Raiden to join the new adventure O.O! Please please please please let Roy be there! CAMPBELL HAS TO BE THERE or i'm gonna cry!!!

Anywayz, without further ado, here are the long-awaited screenshots ;)!

Daddy Snake. Heheheh.

Otacon looking like David Bowie @.@

I wonder what that soldier's waiting for...

Is it just me? Or does that Metal Gear have NICE legs? @.@

*is OFFICIALLY excited about the game*

September 19, 2004

WOOT ^_^!!! Added pictures of my new Revolver Ocelot costume in the COSPLAY page ^_^!!! Heheh...i know i know...this is a CAMPBELL shrine and i HATE Ocelot, but it was fun cosplaying as him ^_^!!! (It's not everyday that you get to walk around in a spiffy western outfit. lol)

August 12, 2004

WHOA!!! It's been a while since I last updated O.O!!! Anyway, I finally had the time to update the site again ^_^! W00T!!! Things are actually heating up in the MGS universe due to the upcoming MGS3: Snake Eater (too bad my roy won't be in it :( *cries*).

  • New FANART in the fanart page ^_^! ---> .
  • Updated the LIVE-ACTION MOVIE page with an actor who would be a PEEERRRRFECT REVOLVER OCELOT! (Thanks a lot to Mary who told me about Sam Elliot ^_~!)
  • Updated the CRAZY QUOTES page with 8 new quotes that were sent to me by Snakesilentdeath @ Thanks for the quotes ^_~!
  • Added a page for the talented, sexy-voiced Paul Eiding! Thanks to Hammed for inspiring me to create this page for Roy Campbell's voice actor ^o^!
  • September 27, 2003

    WOOHOOO!!! FINALLY!!! Another UPDATE ^o^!!! Yeap...this site is definately STILL ALIVE AND KICKIN' ^_^! Anyway, I added a page dedicated to the 12inch Solid Snake and Liquid Snake action figures ^_^! CHECK IT OUT HERE!. Pictures and captions galore! Gotta lurve that brotherly love, huh? ;)

    May 14, 2003

    AAAAAAAAEEERGH!!! MY FTP messed up so i lost some of the updates i posted in this page >..<..GRRRR!!!!

    March 17, 2003

    Updated my fanart page with a rather ...disturbing image of Ocelot getting what he deserves O.O!

    March 16, 2003

    Posted two new fanarts in my fanarts page ^o^!!! One of them is my fanart of Mei and George Sears #^_^#, and i gotta say that that is currently one of my favorites ^o^!

    March 12, 2003

    HOO-HA!!! added a page called "Rejected FoxHound Members" aka Foxhound Members who didn't make it in the MG games ^o^! Read on and see them for yourselves ;)!

    March 10, 2003

    Just posted my FIRST OFFICIAL MGS FANFIC entitled "Metal Gear Solid : The Island of Desires". Check it out in the fanfic page ^_^. Man, i'm super sweepy >.<...also added the link to Stef's new MGS PAGE!!!! A page that definately has a LOT going for it ^o^

    March 9, 2003

    Tried my first Oekaki board pic of Roy Campbell ^o^. See it in the fanart page ^o^!

    March 6, 2003

    ADDED MORE OF STEFANIE'S fanart in the "friends' fanarts" page ^o^!!! Check out her new fanart of Meryl and Mei together ;). Looking good and in color ;)!

    March 4, 2003

    Have this big crush on Mei Ling?!! ^_~ Why don't you marry her ^_^? The link "marry an mgs character" links to my "Marry your Favorite Character Site!". Check this out! I just owned Roy Campbell ^o^! YAY!!!

    ALSO ADDED MY FRIEND STEFANIE'S GREAT METAL GEAR FANARTS in the "friends' fanarts" PAGE!!! Check out her meryl and sniper wolf ;) ;) ;)!!!

    February 27, 2003

    WOOHOOOOO!!! added more pictures/characters in the live action movie page and also added more links in the links page :)!

    February 23, 2003

    ADDED THE LIVE-ACTION MOVIE CASTING PAGE ^o^!!! Also updated the "others fanart" page with AQUA AND BLACK NINJA'S FANARTS!!! Also added a new "fanfic" in the fanfics page :). enjoy ^_^

    February 19, 2003

    YAY!!! POSTED A PICTURE OF MY ROY CAMPBELL DOLL IN THE "more campbell" page of the site ^o^!!! Also added 2 new pages :D: The "Crazy Quotes" page, and the "Easter Eggs" page ^o^! Thanks for checking the site out, guys ^o^!

    February 10, 2003

    NEW FANARTS IN THE FANARTS PAGE ^o^!!! I also added a fanart page dedicated to my mgs friends' fanarts. Go check 'em out ^_~!

    January 2, 2003

    Added two fanarts in the fanart section ^o^! Snake and MGF VII ^_^

    December 28, 2002


    November 26, 2002

    The continuation of my metal gear comic us up in the fanarts section ^_^! Just posted something weird in the new audio page too O.o

    November 6, 2002

    ADDED MORE FANART!!! here's the start of my Metal Gear Fantasy fanart series ^o^!

    October 20, 2002

    FINALLY ADDED A LINKS PAGE ^o^! not much yet there though. hey guys! email me links of your mgs site/s if you have one ^o^. THANKS!!!

    September 12, 2002


    September 2, 2002

    MORE FANART AND FILES IN THE VIDEO SECTION ^o^!!! check 'em all out and enjoy ;). Also fixed the link of my solidus/olga fanart ^_^. i'm off to bed now. g'night!

    August 19, 2002

    ADDED A MUSIC VIDEO IN THE VIDEOS PAGE!!! also, more fanarts!!! ^o^

    July 26, 2002

    ADDED SOME NEW FANARTS IN THE FANARTS PAGE!!! dedicated to all my mgs forums buddies who love p@rn. LOL. JK, GUYS!!!

    April 28, 2002

    FINALLY ADDED A VIDEO SECTION!!! heheh..Check out da video. GIVE IT TO ME BABEE!!!

    April 17, 2002

    Forget to post this in the last update, but i've actually added new campbell 'the sims' pictures with 'the sims' mei ling ^o^!

    April 12, 2002

    Not much of an update, but i changed the layout a liiiittle bit.

    March 10, 2002

    Added new fanarts to the fanart section and added the link to my ongoing fanfic in in my fanfic section ^_^!

    February 5, 2002

    Added the fanfics section. I currently have one fanfic there ^_^: MGS/MGS2/CODEC BLOOPERS

    January 29, 2002

    Updated the Roy Campbell info section (the colonel)

    January 24, 2002

    *SPOILERS AHEAD* okay.......I JUST FINISHED MGS2 LAST NIGHT and the only thing i can say is...OH! MY! GOD! OH MY GOD, WHAT THE FARK HAPPENED TO ROY IN THAT GAME?!!!!!!! OMG!!! i'm confused now on what his part really was in the past metal gear games. hopefully, the only roy that sin't human is this one. looks like i'll have to go message board scouting to see what the others think. I JUST HOPE THAT THE PAST ROYS WERE FLESH AND BLOOD HUMAN BEINGS! my mind is still gone until, i'll get back to you guys soon....

    Anywayz, i updated the campbell info section....and added more pics in the image gallery too ^_^ under multimedia.

    January 21, 2002

    I FINALLY GOT MY HANDS ON MGS2!!! and god, I LOVE THE GAME!!! heck, i couldn't stop playing it straight throughout the day even though i had no ps2 memory card. I LOVE mgs1 and i LOVE mgs2 too since it stayed true to the metal gear gameplay. stealth is king!

    And about Roy Campbell...i dunno but i kinda like him better in mgs. here in mgs2, he doesn't seem much of the ol' snake's friend type of guy. here in this game, he's more of giving out orders and telling raiden what to do no questions asked. in fact, he seems less friendly/warm than before...i wonder why that is so... (what have you done to my campbell?!!!). well, i haven't finished the game yet so i still can't say. physically though, he's codec image is still more handsome in mgs ^_^.

    January 19, 2002

    [The Man Behind the Codec: Col. Roy Campbell] is now ONLINE ^_^!! WHOOOOO!!! HAPPY BDAY TO MY FIANCEE TOO!!!

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